Ring Resizing Crossgates. Leeds.
All wedding rings that need  to be resized, engagement rings, heirlooms, antique rings and rings that need  to be re-sized because of weight loss, weight gain or because you want  to wear it on a different finger, thumb or toe!
Professional jewellers can re-size, refurbish, repair and re-polish rings back to near original condition.
West Yorkshire Jewellers - Crossgates. Leeds. 

West Yorkshire Jewellers

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Ring re-sizing is a skilled job for a professional jewellery expert. We can resize any ring for you, usually within a week, using our extremely efficient and reliable repair and resizing service.

Why not use the opportunity to to have an old ring replated in the precious metal Rhodium, have it resized to fit, polished and refurbished to give yourself or a loved one a ring that is still a beautiful and authentic piece of jewellery that looks brand new and will that new look for many years.

Any ring bought from us will be resized for FREE if needed; Just purchase the ring and return to us for a professional size measurement of the wearer and we will take care of the rest!